Spring has Arrived

Spring has finally shown up in Minnesota, and it is beautiful. There’s not a more grateful group than Minnesotans when the sun finally returns. We had to wait a long time this year. My clients have been suffering through the hard weather, as have I, as have my dogs. My son and his friends finally gave in a few weeks ago and started wearing shorts even though it was only 37 degrees. The blizzard came, their legs froze, but they were done with the jeans. Who could blame them?

I’ve been injured for almost three months now, with a foot tendon problem. I tried to gut it out so I could do the Big Sur Marathon next weekend. Not going to happen. I made it through a couple of the long runs but now have been advised to cut it out. No more running, minimal walking, until we get this healed. After days with no exercise, I went back to rowing, which hasn’t seemed to cause the foot any problems. I don’t know how it is that people wake up without a run. Circles have shown up and stayed under my eyes. Ugh.

I will still start the marathon with my training partner, Lisa, who has done everything athletic I have asked her to do over the past decade, including Ironman. This was her wish; Big Sur for her fiftieth birthday. So we’ll be there. Look for us at the start, and her at the finish.




~ by lindsaynielsen on April 21, 2008.

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